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These "Harry Potter" Snapechats Are Magically Epic

Snapechats > Snapchats.

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1. Mad-Eye Moody:

2. Hermione's brilliant but awful spell she put on Dumbledore's Army:

3. Colin Creevey getting petrified:

4. Harry trying to get Dumbledore water:

5. Ugh, Umbridge:

6. Gilderoy Lockhart messing things up per usual:

7. Peter Pettigrew:

8. Arabella Figg:

9. Florean Fortescue's:

10. Neville and Trevor, BFFs:

11. Harry looking into the Mirror of Erised:

12. Fleur being Fleur:

13. The Dumbledore chocolate frog card:

14. Harry getting excited and buying a ton of treats on the Hogwarts Express:

15. The most underrated character:

16. Crookshanks screwing things up:

17. Privet Drive:

18. Snape holding Lily, making us cry:

19. Ron freaking out in Goblet of Fire:

20. This muggle conductor tired of teenagers:

21. Hermione at the Yule Ball:

22. Harry trying to get the remembrall back from Malfoy:

23. Sirius:

24. And Luna:

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