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The 26 Coolest Animal Tattoos From Russian Artist Sasha Unisex

This brilliant artist is known for her unique style and geometric watercolor-like tats. Brb, planning my trip to Russia.

1. This blue and purple lion:

2. This polar bear with a map of the world on its fur:

3. This bookworm:

4. A monkey with some killer headphones:

5. This tribute to Alice in Wonderland:

6. A turtle surfing on money:

7. This really cute Scottish Fold kitty:

8. This fierce lion:

9. This galaxy bird:

10. And this galaxy whale:

11. An adorable little Frenchy:

12. And this sad little pup:

13. This colorful elephant:

14. A beautiful gray fox:

15. And this traditional orange fox:

16. A whimsical unicorn:

17. This pair of raccoons:

18. And this pair of wolves:

19. A lion...

20. Tiger...

21. And bear:

22. This sleepy koala:

23. A snake:

24. An adorable lemur:

25. A fancy feline:

26. And this pug with a top hat.

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