The 16 Best Things About Being In A Book Club

    Haters to the left.

    1. Reading a new book at least once a month.

    2. Meeting new and interesting people.

    3. And therefore making new friends.

    4. Reading books you wouldn't normally read.

    5. Having people to talk to as soon as you finish a book.

    6. Red wine.

    7. White wine.

    8. All wine.

    9. Having long and thoughtful discussions about your latest read.

    10. Or engaging in heated debates.

    11. SNACKS.

    12. And catching up with members about life, pop culture, and new novels.

    13. Discovering a great book that might make you cry.

    14. Or collectively arguing about bad stories and terrible characters.

    15. Getting excited for the next meeting.

    16. And defending your book club to anyone who dares to make fun of you.