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    19 Signs You're Obsessed With Disney World

    Do I need an intervention?

    1. First off, you've been to Disney more times than you can remember.

    2. And there's a really good chance you have an Annual Pass and/or you're a Vacation Club Member.

    3. You're in Disney World Facebook groups so you can bond with other strangers who are just as obsessed.

    4. You have an entire strategy for navigating the four parks.

    5. And you probably rope drop a certain ride to make sure you get on it first.

    6. When your friends are planning trips to Disney, you're their point of contact for tips.

    7. You follow a ton of Disney-focused Instagram accounts and nearly SCREAM when new food is released.

    8. Mickey ears? You have probably bought too many pairs, but it's worth it.

    9. And shirts? Yeah, you've got some custom ones.

    10. If a new attraction, park, or section is announced, you immediately make plans to visit.

    11. Even though it's hard, you may have even ran the Disney Princess Half-Marathon!

    12. The Food & Wine Festival is one of your favorite events of the year.

    13. You know ALL about the "walls of Disney" and 100% take cute pictures in front of them whenever you spot one.

    14. You've been "pixie dusted" at least once and it probably made your whole day.

    15. If you can make it, you're all about Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

    17. At this point, you've got MULTIPLE magic bands. And they're probably themed.

    18. When you go to the parks, sometimes you even get your nails done for it.

    19. And you're probably irrationally excited about Club 33 coming to Magic Kingdom, even though there's a very slim chance you'll ever get inside.