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    20 Questions With "Divergent" And "The Fault In Our Stars" Actor Ansel Elgort

    BuzzFeed spoke to the up-and-coming teenage heartthrob. Here's some fun facts we learned about Ansel.

    1. What's your favorite color?

    2. New York or Chicago pizza?
    New York.

    3. What's your go-to karaoke song?
    "Easy" by Commodores.

    4. If you were born in Abnegation, would you stay or leave your faction?

    5. For which faction?

    6. Would you rather be in a play or a musical?
    A musical, Les Miserables specifically.

    7. Who's your favorite artist/band right now?
    Mat Zo.

    8. Where have you always wanted to travel to?
    I'd go to Mongolia or something crazy like that. I'd go on an adventure.

    9. Would you rather fight Eric or Four in Dauntless initiation?
    Eric. I don't know if I could fight Four. It would be hard to pull off.

    10. What TV show is your guilty pleasure?
    Hell's Kitchen, it's the guiltiest of pleasures.

    11. Would you rather take the truth serum or go through a fear simulation every week?
    Probably the truth serum.

    12. What's your hidden talent?
    Maybe rock climbing?

    13. Would you rather play ping pong with Veronica Roth or John Green?
    John Green.

    14. What's your favorite restaurant in New York City?

    15. Would you rather climb the ferris wheel or zip line down the Hancock building?
    Climb the ferris wheel.

    16. Would you rather be in Dauntless or Erudite?

    17. What food can you not live without?
    Peking duck.

    18. What's your biggest pet peeve?
    When people are poor competitors.

    19. Did you cry when reading The Fault In Our Stars?

    20. Which part?
    Once every 10 pages.

    Divergent hits theaters March 21.

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