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27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know About

Well, some of these tips and tricks can be useful for guys too.

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1. Break in your flats in under five minutes.

Step 1: Put on thick socks, and then your flats.

Step 2: Blow-dry your shoes around the tight sections for a few minutes.

Step 3: Keep your socks/flats on while it cools.

Step 4: Test them out; repeat process if you need them more stretched out.


6. White wine neutralizes red wine stains.

Yeah, you read that correctly. When you're at a party and you accidentally spill some red wine on your blouse, immediately pour white wine over the stain and let it air-dry. The white neutralizes the red, making it easier to take out the stain.


9. Remove deodorant stains with dryer sheets.

Rub the marks in a circular motion and the sheets will absorb the deodorant. Make sure there's no excess lint from the dryer sheet or you'll end up with gray marks. Pantyhose also works!


14. Turn around your hangers to clean out your closet.

We all buy clothes we don't wear, and it takes up unnecessary closet space. Place your hangers the opposite way, and after you use an article of clothing, hang it up regularly. By the end of the year (or season), donate the clothes that are still hanging backward.