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    Do Not Watch These 17 Kitten Videos Unless You Want To Adopt A Cat


    1. First, there's this kitten who just loves a good book.

    2. There's this little purrito that's better than Chipotle ever was.

    3. There's this cat who just wants to shower a prairie dog in kisses.

    4. This clique that's more in sync than NSYNC.

    5. And this group of ladies who are more coordinated than you.

    6. There's this enthralling battle between Cat vs. Mirror.

    7. And this one between Cat vs. Printer.

    8. And this little muffin who's adorably polite.

    9. How about this cutie who's such a good girl for conquering the stairs?!

    10. And this little bb who loves to play games.

    11. There's this lion-in-the-making who needs a little more practice.

    12. And this Bengal who LOVES a good shower.

    13. There's this fluffy bunny who's still figuring out the function of walls.

    14. And this beauty who loves a good groom.

    15. How about this baby button wrapped in a donut blanket?!

    16. This kitty who thinks legs are trees.

    17. And of course, the newest students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Happy Caturday!