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    Jiff The Pomeranian Is Definitely The Most Talented Dog There Ever Was

    Whoever is training this dog needs to do a worldwide class.

    This is Jiff, an adorable pomeranian who also happens to be super talented.

    He can run on his hind legs.

    Look at the speed.

    And he can run on three legs.

    Werk it.

    Crawling? Yeah, he's got that covered.

    It's like a crouching tiger.

    Jiff can also walk backwards because duh, he's brilliant.

    The dog moon walk.

    Did we mention he can do WALKING HANDSTANDS?

    He's already accomplished more than I ever will in my being.

    Oh, and he skateboards.

    Because he's the most talented pup to grace this earth.

    Watch the video here!

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