David Burtka And The Cast Of "It Shoulda Been You" Take Cute Wedding GIFs

    An exclusive first look at the cast getting down at their wedding in the new Broadway musical comedy It Shoulda Been You.

    What's better than a photo booth at a wedding? A GIF booth, obviously. David Burtka, Tyne Daly, Sierra Boggess, Harriet Harris, and the rest of the cast of It Shoulda Been You posed for some pretty lovely GIFs to promote their newest Broadway musical comedy.

    This new original musical is about two families from completely different backgrounds who come together to celebrate a wedding. Chaos ensues, promises are broken, and secrets are revealed. Who doesn't enjoy a little wedding craziness?

    Anyway, here's the cast being completely adorable in a GIF shoot. If you think David Burtka and his husband Neil Patrick Harris have cute Halloween family pics, you'll really love these too.

    1. The newlyweds making marriage look so damn good.

    2. The groom and his mom get a little silly.

    3. The mother of the bride posing with her daughter and new son-in-law.

    4. The adorable couple thanking their dedicated wedding planner.

    5. The mother of the groom drinking away the chaotic day.

    6. The moms, not being very friendly toward one another.

    7. The bride and her sister/maid of honor being super cute.

    8. The Steinbergs and Howards joining together for an adorable photo op.

    9. And of course, the moms posing for GIFs with their newly married children.

    It Shoulda Been You begins previews at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre March 17, 2015.

    It opens April 14, 2015.