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    22 Impossibly Practical Life Hacks Everyone Should Try

    These tricks and general tips for living will make everything so much easier. Suggestions via this Quora thread.


    Dejan_Dundjerski / / Via

    Go from chill songs to more energetic beats. You'll know how well you're doing with time by the songs currently playing.


    LDProd / / Via

    No need to waste your time and energy on something with no potential.


    ouihaha / / Via

    When you're hungry and everything looks delicious, you have a tendency to pick out more food. By going after a meal, you're more likely to just buy the necessities.


    Byjeng / / Via

    Great for when you don't have an iron (or time).


    gbh007 / / Via

    Set a daily cell phone alert and then floss/brush your teeth so you aren't tempted to eat useless calories at night. Make sure to drink plenty of water!


    anyaberkut / / Via

    Example: "It's nice to meet you, Jim."


    This works best for flats. Put on thick socks and then your shoes, blow-dry your shoes around the tight sections for a few minutes, let it cool, and you're done! Test them out and repeat the process if you need them more stretched out.


    vittavat-a / / Via

    Ban credit cards! (But not really because those are important.)


    badmanproduction / / Via

    You'll eat less food, chew it properly, savor it more, digest it better, and be hungry less often because both your stomach and mind realize you've been fed.


    maxximages73 / / Via

    That way you won't have trouble the next time.


    erikreis / / Via

    If your good mood goes away, it will be harder to follow through.


    blyjak / / Via

    And if you're still having trouble, set all of your clocks forward.

    13. / Via

    The clothes you didn't use will be on the hangers that are backward.


    Cameron Whitman / / Via

    The warmth will help get rid of it faster.


    Massonstock / / Via

    You'll be forced to get up and turn it off rather than hit snooze and fall back asleep.


    You may have to repeat the process every now and again, but it keeps your rings from turning a copper color and you won't have green stains!


    lzf /

    This is how most flight attendants pack.


    Jultud /

    You will probably ruin the highlighter, but if you're desperate to get permanent marker off, this will help. After you neutralize the stain, clean it off with soap and water.


    Flights without TV should be banned, but this is a good alternative.


    Smithore / / Via

    And you can start with the garage.


    Peshkova / / Via

    Twenty years from now, you'll want memories, not trinkets.


    1001Love / / Via

    You'll save a surprising amount of time if you just stop procrastinating.

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