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    Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    16 Golden Retrievers That Are So Cute They'll Make You Scream

    The best dogs.

    1. This little rainbow boop.

    2. This adorable golden and his tiny human.

    3. The sweet angel baby with puppy dog eyes.

    4. This pair of paws.

    5. This little acrobat.

    6. These hungry goldens that are every late night snacker ever.

    7. This cute before and after.

    8. This tiny baby who just wants some sun.

    9. This beautiful couple.

    10. These three little musketeers.

    11. This silly floof.

    12. This World Cup fan.

    13. This golden and his furry friend.

    14. The cutest six pack you've ever seen.

    15. This mischievous pup.

    16. And this dapper little man.

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