Emma Watson And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Are The Internet’s New Dream Couple

If you don’t ship this, you’re wrong.

1. Emma Watson and JGL presented an award at the Oscars last night and people couldn’t help but notice how adorable they looked together.

Kevin Winter / Getty

2. They walked down the stage, arm in arm.

Kevin Winter / Getty

Just imagine the wedding bells.

3. And he gave her a little bow as a true gentleman should.

Kevin Winter / Getty

4. The internet was very excited about this new possibility (fantasy).

Pretty sure everyone watching #Oscars2014 just thought, "Hmm, JGL and Emma Watson. They should date. Either each other or me. Both, maybe?"

— Dahlia Adler (@MissDahlELama)

who are these men bring back Emma Watson and JGL so we can all dream* a bit longer *ship

— Rega Jha (@RegaJha)

EMMA WATSON AND JGL ON STAGE TOGETHER. The internet is about to explode. #Oscars

— Mara Hollander (@MaraAlyseGH)

So Emma Watson and JGL for best #Oscar couple, right?

— Matt (@UsefulTheory)

I suddenly want JGL & Emma Watson to be a couple. #Oscars2014

— Megan Emily Ackerman (@MissMeganEmily)

11. And then this backstage photo happened and our hearts exploded with fangirling happiness.

12. Emma + JGL 4ever <3


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