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17 "Divergent" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

"Tris thought that Four was unfairly picking on her during initiation; she felt he was being Tobiased."

1. Classic Tobias joke:

2. This faction joke:

3. This pun about Edward's attack:

4. This addiction:

5. This chapter in Allegiant:

6. Tobias trying to be funny:

7. This hawt new game:

8. An exchange of girl talk:

9. And an exchange of guy talk:

10. A pun about hair:

11. This The Fault in Our Stars crossover.

12. This really bad pun that tried way too hard:

13. This v important snap:

14. This baking pun:

15. This movie ticket:

16. This pun you will only get if you read the books:

17. And the third book that almost was:

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