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I Learned A Trick To Get A Perfect "Candid" And It's Ridiculous But It Works

Is it dumb? Kind of. Will you look like a moron doing it? Absolutely. Do you get ~candid~ results? Weirdly, yes.

Hi, everyone. This is my friend Caryn. She's cute AF, right? Anyway, my friend Caryn is always on a mission to take good ~portrait pics~ and figure out how to look candid while not being candid.

Anyway, while at a rooftop party, I noticed Caryn started coughing like she just choked on a chip. I was like, "The fuck is happening??"

Turns out this is a new hack of hers to get a ~candid~ and it actually works???

The idea was inspired by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and how they whisper "prune" to get their pouty lip pictures. Yes, this is a real thing.

Obviously don't cough like you're dying and gasping for air, but just a slight cough that makes you feel dumb enough that you start actually for real laughing, in turn getting a good pic.

So, of course, I too tried the coughing method, and I liked it? To be clear: We are VERY self-aware that this looks stupid and we will probably get internet trolls telling us we're not cute. But you know what? SCREW THAT, WE FEEL CUTE.

And as long as you get that portrait mode Instagram pic, who tf cares how you got there, ya know?

Anyway, now I make all my friends do this on rooftops and in front of colorful walls. I am dead inside. But living on the outside.

That concludes this PSA. If you want to try it and drop your pic in the DropBox below for fun, be our guest.