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    16 Cats That Are Bigger Jerks Than Your Ex-Boyfriend


    1. This jerk who pushed his human into the pool.

    2. And this one who did the same thing to his brother.

    3. This cat who can't even let the little girl LEARN and do homework.

    4. The cat who probably gave his owner a concussion and didn't GAF.

    5. This jerk who ruined prime yoga content.

    6. This cat who doesn't even use the bed his human gave him.

    7. This kitten who won't let his parents make the bed.

    8. This girl who doesn't know how to be civilized in public.

    9. This cat who got all sketchy and shit, just to run past the dog.

    10. This cat who attacked a rotisserie chicken while he was grooming.

    11. This cat who chewed the hell out of a human foot, but then seemed disgusted by the human foot...

    12. This jerk who probably destroyed a perfectly good pizza.

    13. This cat who is honestly such a brat for throwing away her toy.

    14. This dick who hates everything.

    15. This cat who is shady AF.

    16. And this cat who's only sorry because he got caught.