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    Updated on Jul 24, 2018. Posted on Jul 23, 2018

    Camila Cabello Slayed The "Reputation" Tour And I Can't Deal

    Like, her vocals on the Reputation Tour are UNREAL.

    Do you know who Camila Cabello is? Because you should.

    Most people know her as 1/5 of Fifth Harmony.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Still think "Top Down" should've been a single.

    And of course, for her absolute bop single "Havana."

    Anyway, Cabello is currently an opening act for Taylor Swift's Reputation tour, and this girl CAN 👏 EFFING 👏 SING 👏! I saw her live for the first time this weekend and I've got LOTS of feelings.

    First of all, look at the way she hypes her team. Everyone is excited. New York will never be the same.

    #CamilaCabello #repTourEastRutherford

    On her second night she came looking like a Disney princess with her pink bow hair.


    She sang "Consequences" in the rain and her vocals were absolutely insane. I wish I had a longer clip.

    eu amo esse video demais #MTVHottest Camila Cabello

    At one of the shows, she changed the lyrics to "I gotta tie my shoe." We love a queen with a sense of humor.

    "I gotta tie my shoe" jsdjsfksjdjs Queen of lyrics @Camila_Cabello

    She slayed the stage with her dancing. And then tasted the rain because why the hell not.

    @Camila_Cabello if you want my soul, it's just say okay? SOMEDAY I WILL BE DEAD IF YOU DON'T STOP

    Here she is, rocking out with her guitarist, living her best life.

    Camila rocking out with her guitarist tonight #MetLife #reptour ❤️ @Camila_Cabello

    And here she is singing her single "Bad Things," censoring curse words for the teens in the audience.

    @Camila_Cabello durante “Bad Things” en el #reptourEastRutherford (via @lizlovestaylor)

    Like, listen to these notes in "Never Be the Same." Are you kidding???

    And of course, she closed with "Havana," giving the crowd exactly what they wanted.

    Eres GRANDE mi niña @Camila_Cabello TE AMO! ♥️

    So to wrap up, this is my petition to make Camila Cabello your new fave. She is seriously talented and I promise seeing her live is a life-changing experience.

    *whispers* go buy Camila on iTunes

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