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    17 Reasons Calicos Are The Absolute Best Cats

    Don't fight me on this.

    1. First of all, Calicos are the most beautiful cats in all of the land.

    2. They sleep in the cutest positions, which makes your heart squirm.

    3. And they make the funniest faces, which is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

    4. Calicos are the most friendly little kittens!

    5. And they even put up with their annoying humans.

    6. These little babies are super friendly!

    7. But when they want to voice their opinions, they're not afraid to.

    8. Calicos are a little sneaky...

    9. ...and silly...

    10. ...and quite talented, if we're being honest.

    11. Some are short-haired...

    12. ...some are long-haired...

    13. ...and all are adorable.

    14. They love boxes...

    15. ...they love bags...

    16. ...and they love themselves.

    17. TL;DR: Calicos are the best cats and there's no convincing me otherwise.