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Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Albert Is The Cutest Munchkin Cat You Will Ever See

The true gift of Christmas. Warning: This post may cause cute aggression.

This is Albert. He is a munchkin cat from California and he is here to bring you Christmas cheer.

He's the ideal cuddle buddy during sweater-weather season.

And he can also teach you a thing or two about winter fashion.

Albert loves to pay homage to his favorite movies, such as Star Wars...

Harry Potter...

And The Wizard of Oz.

He loves resting in confined spaces.

But he's also down to stretch it out.

Albert, like many other cats, enjoys playing with the laser light.

But he also loves to chill on a lazy Sunday.

Basically, Albert is the most dapper, adorable munchkin kitty in the world and he is bound to be the newest internet sensation.

Merry Christmas, everyone! You have been given the gift of Albert.


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