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19 Heartbreaking "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Cry


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1. This *sobbing* scene *sobbing* with *sobbing* Molly's boggart.

2. This emotional roller coaster.

3. This post about Lily and James always living their youth.


4. This fake but emotional AF imagination of the Phelps twins filming Fred's death scene.

7. This savage AF thread.



8. This story of Harry and Ginny's marriage and why they are perfect for each other.

9. This scenario that perfectly combines both sadness and humor.

10. This tale imagining the relationship between Sirius and his brother, Regulus.

11. This truly heart-wrenching moment.



12. This underrated scene that shows how much Lupin has had to deal with in his life.

13. Ugh, THIS:

14. This rude headcanon about George dying his hair.


15. A story about Harry growing up as a child in the Dursley household.


16. A montage of friends and family whom Harry lost.

—Spencer Althouse, Facebook

17. This GIF series of Snape that induces ALL THE FEELINGS.

18. This Harry Potter + Hamilton mashup.

19. And this:

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