26 Reasons Roku Should Be Your New Favorite Cat

The world needs more Scottish Folds.

1. Let’s start with the obvious… HE’S SUPER FRIGGIN’ CUTE.

Oh so dapper.

2. His most impressive talent is his ability to convey emotions.

*Creeped out*

Look at the way he acts surprised.

Oscar worthy, tbh.

Have you ever seen another cat perfect the “WTF” face?

No. The answer is no.

3. Roku is an artist.

4. He’s practically a professional photographer.

As displayed by his GPOY selfie.

5. He also had a gig as a part-time runway model.

And taught all the ladies how to properly catwalk.

6. On the weekends, he loves to play video games.

7. And jump through boxes.

8. People are always commenting about his ears.

Or lack thereof.

9. So he made fake ones to humor all his followers.

Stand up guy.

10. Roku is unbelievably good at camouflage.

11. And he often enjoys impersonating humans.

12. Roku makes the best out of every situation, bringing the fun wherever he goes.

That sink was pretty effing boring before he graced it with his presence. Just sayin’.

13. And he’s so nice, he’ll even befriend a stuffed animal.

So classy.

14. Roku also has a pretty cool dad, who makes him stuff like this super realistic DIY x-ray.

A family of talent.

15. And sometimes they play games together.

Yes, he is playing dead.

16. This cat has these big bulging eyes that will pierce your soul.

17. And a bod that could earn him a centerfold in Playgirl Catzine.


18. He’s also a courageous feline, laughing in the face of danger as he bravely runs his paw under the water.


19. And he will protect you from the deadliest of creatures.

Spider on the floor? Roku will pounce.

20. Roku is the ideal companion.

21. He’ll fight crimes with you.

22. Accompany you on shopping trips.

23. And watch Netflix with you on a lazy Sunday.

24. Did we mention that he is also secretly a MEERKAT?

Because he is and it’s marvelous.

25. Roku is so magical, he even levitates.

Obviously not of this world.

26. And displays an unparalleled level of athleticism.

In conclusion, Roku is the coolest cat there ever was.

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