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    23 Problems Plus Size Girls Shouldn't Have To Deal With In 2019

    *rolls eyes so hard*

    1. Going to a store and discovering they only carry up to size 12, even though the average woman is a size...16–18.


    2. And finding stores with "extended sizes" that actually run small AF or just don't accommodate your proportions.

    3. Airplane seats and the hell of always unintentionally lifting the arm rest with your hips.

    They gotta start making airplane seats for thick girls, damn

    Honestly, plane seats seem to be legit smaller and they're constricting for almost all sizes tbh.

    4. And then of course getting dirty stares of judgment and ridicule as if you are not a human for having more body mass?

    5. Finding a coat that fits all your body parts and doesn't cost a million dollars.

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    I need something smaller in the chest and wider in the hips, this shouldn't be THAT inaccessible.

    6. Buying a swimsuit and always having to mix and match tops and bottoms so they actually support your boobs and butt.


    7. Finding control top tights that look cute, feel nice, and don't crush your organs.

    Arielle Calderon / BuzzFeed

    Like, there's gotta be a better way.

    8. In general, just figuring out what size you actually are since plus size clothing can run big or only fit certain shapes.

    9. And then trying to online shop and inevitably ALWAYS having to return something.

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    10. Also when online shopping and there's plus size options, and yet they're still using a size 4 you have no context of what the clothing looks like on you.

    #tangas #swimwear Women's Plus Size Floral Swimsuit

    What the shit is this?

    11. Wearing a button up and dealing with those boob peep holes.

    12. When you get fat-shamed on a dating app.

    If you don't think I look damn good in my fishnet leggings, you are deranged.

    13. And when people just assume you're unhealthy because you're a bigger size.

    14. That moment when some gym rat just HAS to tell you how they can help you or what you can do to lose weight.

    15. Buying a bra that actually supports and feels comfortable.

    Twitter: @buzzfeed

    Still looking for one.

    16. Going to plus size stores and realizing the prices are WAY out of your budget.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    Like, this t-shirt really shouldn't be $60.

    17. Putting on jeans and, without fail, struggling to get them over your hips/ass.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    18. And when you do find jeans you love and then they rip in the thigh area from friction.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    19. Finding shorts that aren't absurdly long, yet stretchy enough to fit all the areas.

    20. Men telling you you're pretty for a plus size girl, as opposed to just...pretty.

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    21. OR men telling you you'd be so beautiful if you lost weight.


    I AM beautiful, Kevin.

    22. Dealing with dumbass internet trolls who always have an opinion on your body and health.

    23. And finally, feeling as if you're not worthy enough because of your size. But that is bullshit, and anyone who doesn't agree can eat a dick.