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21 Animal Couples That Prove Opposites Attract

You can't fight a love like theirs.

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1. This squirrel and cat that gaze into each other's eyes through a glass window.

2. This parrot and dog that love to share their secrets.

3. This ferret and cat that just want to be left alone right now.

4. This couple that completely endorses eskimo kisses.

5. This duck and cat that like to take long walks on the wood.

6. These guys that don't care about their extreme variation in size.

7. This dog and raccoon that hug their love out.

8. This bird and guinea pig that would rather cuddle.

9. This fluffy pair that spends their Sundays being lazy together.

10. These guys that are obviously pissed you walked in on them.

11. This bunny and cat that eat their meals together and always.

12. This peacock and chicken that watch the sunrise every morning.

13. This couple that sleeps close together because that's what love is.

14. These birds from different feathers that flock together.

15. This pitbull and bearded dragon that are too busy making out.

16. This pair that likes to roll around on the floor.

17. This introvert and extrovert that somehow get along.

18. These farm animals that go on dates in the sun.

19. This chipmunk and iguana that fell in love at first sight.

20. This bunny and tortoise that stand by each other through thick and thin.

21. And this Boxer and parakeet that can't get enough of each other.

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