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We Tried That 2-Ingredient Dough From Instagram And It's Legit AF

Self-rising flour + Greek yogurt = endless possibilities.

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Hello there! I'm Arielle and I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Instagram searching food recipes and trends, like avocado roses.

Instagram: @ariellesays

They are actually pretty simple to make!

While not a new concept, it did become super popular in the Instagram community from user wwg4life.

Instagram: @wwg4life

People were making everything from cinnamon rolls...

Instagram: @rvawwloser

The main benefits of this recipe is that it's cheap, super simple to prepare, and only two ingredients.

Instagram: @rogue_dietitian

And so we decided to test this method out, and OMG IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD.

Facebook: video.php

Step 1: Add 1 3/4 cup of self-rising flour to bowl


Note: On Instagram, most people only do 1 cup of flour, but we thought the dough was too wet and the consistency was better when we added more flour.