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    14 Ways You Are This Dog In Real Life

    This is Rosie Pig, a famous dog on Vine. And you are probably the same person.

    1. You spend your weekends on the couch, surrounded by junk food.

    2. Or lay out in the shade and listen to music.

    3. You're easily entertained by parody internet videos.

    4. And you love to watch reality TV shows.

    5. At some point during the week, you go out for drinks after work.

    6. And hiccup when you've had a little too much.

    7. You've definitely tried a diet and caved.

    8. And after working out, you've binged on chips.

    9. And sweets.

    10. The only thing you like about important work meetings is free food.

    11. And messing around with the copy machine.

    12. You are SO OVER this summer heat.

    13. And opt to do things indoors.

    14. Like watching The Notebook and getting emotional.

    Lesson of the day: We are all this dog.

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