12 Surprising Things You Can Make With A Coffee Pot

    Not sure what’s crazier — the fact that it’s even possible to make this stuff in a coffee pot, or that so many people have done it.

    1. Make instant oatmeal with your Keurig.

    2. Boil hot dogs in your coffeemaker.

    3. Make soft-boiled eggs in your coffee pot.

    4. Make ramen with your Keurig.

    5. Make chocolate fondue in your coffeemaker.

    6. Steam vegetables in the filter basket of your coffeemaker.

    7. Make herb stock in your coffee pot.

    8. Make a fried egg on your coffee pot burner.

    9. Make candied nuts in your coffee pot.

    10. Make poached chicken with couscous in your coffeemaker.

    11. Use your coffee pot burner to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

    12. Cook broccoli in your coffee pot.