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    18 Surprising Things You Can Make In A Panini Press

    Like omelettes!

    This is a panini press, doing something CRAZY, and it would like your attention.

    Yeah, sure, it's designed to press and grill sandwiches, but the mighty panini press will no longer live within the constraints of its "intended" function. For example, it will bake a cake in a ramekin, if you'll only let it. To pull off the tricks below, you'll want the kind with a big cooking surface and a floating lid to help things cook evenly.

    1. Bake mini cakes in a panini press.

    The key to making cake in a panini press are ramekins. You'll need two to make this adorable cake. Find directions here.

    2. Make homemade waffle cones.

    Perfect for all that ice cream you'll eat this summer. Directions here.

    3. Make delicious bacon.

    So easy!

    4. Make crispy hashbrowns.

    Makes a great BFF for some panini-pressed bacon. Directions here.

    5. Bake a giant brownie.

    Any shallow pan that fits in the panini press will work. Directions here.

    6. Grill smashed potatoes for a side dish.

    You need to boil or microwave your potatoes before you put them in the panini press. Directions here.

    7. Grill chicken without actually firing up the grill.

    It only takes about four minutes to cook a 1/2 inch-thick chicken breast. Make sure to brush the chicken with oil if you're not marinating it before putting it in the press. For more chicken grilling tips, go here.

    8. Make doughnut chips from doughnut holes.

    Glazed doughnut holes + cinnamon sugar = happiness. Recipe here.

    9. Make a spinach omelette.

    If you're suspicious, rest assured: Alton Brown came up with this, so it must work. Recipe here.

    10. Make mini grilled cheese croutons for salads or soups.

    You could also just eat the full-sized grilled cheese, but these cute croutons are ideal for soup-dunking. Find the recipe here.

    11. Reheat cold pizza.

    Way better than the microwave.

    12. Grill lots of veggies.

    13. Make some nutella waffle sandwich cookies.

    Eat nutella in style. Recipe here.

    14. Heat frozen cinnamon rolls.

    These should take about three minutes to make.

    15. Make croissant French toast.

    Find the recipe on Bon Appétit (slide 7 of 9).

    16. Grill some salmon.

    The salmon is grilled inside of foil in the panini press. Recipe here.

    17. Make ice cream sandwiches.

    Directions here.

    18. Grill hamburgers in your panini press.

    No more seething envy towards people who have outdoor space for a grill. Directions here.

    Check out Panini Happy for lots of other bizarre and delicious things you can make in a panini press.