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    16 Kinds Of Important Pop-Tart Swag You Need To Own

    If you aren't tempted by that Pop-Tart scarf then maybe you don't deserve to have a working Internet connection.

    1. Pop-Tart Phone Case

    All cozy and warm in a strawberry pastry. Buy it here.

    2. Pop-Tart Hair Barrette

    THIS IS SO COOL. Buy it here.

    3. Pop-Tart Earrings

    Buy it here.

    4. Pop-Tart Scarf

    Nice touch with the small bite out of the scarf. Buy it here.

    5. Pop-Tart Crop Top

    Pop-Tarts know how to get down. Buy it here.

    6. Pop-Tart Charm Bracelet

    Let it be known that the s'mores Pop-Tart is superior to all other Pop-Tarts. Buy it here.

    7. Pop-Tart IPhone Case

    Make your phone feel loved. Buy it here.

    8. Pop-Tart Pillow

    Kinda scary, but mostly amazing. Buy it here.

    9. Pop-Tart Ring

    Buy it here.

    10. Zombie Pop-Tart Key Ring

    What flavor would this even be? Buy it here.

    11. Pop-Tart Purse

    Buy it here.

    12. Pop-Tart Key Chain Pouch

    You could keep a Pop-Tart in here for an emergency snack. Buy it here.

    13. Pop-Tart Pocket Shirt

    Subtle, but worthy. Buy it here.

    14. Pop-Tart Kindle Cover

    Buy it here.

    15. Pop-Tart Switch Plate

    Buy it here.

    16. Pop-Tart Quilt

    Wrap yourself up in your favorite breakfast pastry. Buy it here.