31 Delicious Things To Cook In May

Spring has sprung and summer's coming! Eat all the bright green things you can get your hands on.

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(This will vary depending on time of the month and where you live).

- Rhubarb

- Leeks

- Green Garlic

- Dandelion Greens

- Bok Choy

- Spinach

- Watercress

- Radishes

- Ramps

- Asparagus

- Morels

- Spring Onions

- Peas

- Nettles

- Fiddleheads

- Artichokes

24. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich consists of the following: Cheesy garlic toast, truffled greens, fried egg, pepper jack cheese, Sriracha and brown sugar bacon. Any questions? Recipe here.