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14 Pancakes Experiencing An Identity Crisis

Oh, pancakes, don't you know we love you just the way you are?

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1. This pancake just wants to be on trend.

2. Nice try burger pancakes, your cover is blown by that jar of maple syrup.

3. This pancake is trying to change the negative perception of watermelon seeds.

Jim's Pancakes has other incredible pancake designs that you definitely, maybe need to see.

4. This autumnal pancake will be found out when someone asks, "Why are you wearing candy corn? Real pumpkin pie doesn't do that."

5. These pancakes know, deep down, how it feels to be a taco.

6. This masquerading pancake a day WILL NOT keep the doctor away.

7. These pancakes aren't sure why you're using chopsticks; real sushi is eaten by hand.

8. These pancakes aspire to be corn but look like carrots.

9. These pancakes would like pizza status.

10. These pancakes are impersonating cereal.

11. These pancakes dream of being strawberries.

12. These pancakes doing a confusing birthday sundae thing.

13. These pancakes that have transformed into mini doughnuts.

14. These pancakes that strive to be a complete breakfast.

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