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13 Things Your Vag Doesn't Need To Smell Like

It's a vagina, not a cocktail.

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One of the many reasons vaginas are wonderful is that they are pretty self-sufficient. You might think you need all sorts of products to keep yourself clean, healthy, and "fresh" but really — your vagina is built to maintain itself.

Since douches can actually throw off your natural balance of bacteria (potentially putting you at risk for infections and STIs), and scented washes or wipes can cause irritation, it's best to just ditch them — especially douches. Which means your vag will smell, well, like a vag.

1. So don't worry if that means it doesn't end up smelling like a cotton breeze.

Summer's Eve / Via

2. Or an ocean breeze.

CVS / Via

3. Or a tropical breeze.

Any kind of breeze, really.
Massengill / Via

Any kind of breeze, really.

4. Or a tropical splash.

Norforms / Via

5. Or an orchard splash.

Equate / Via

6. Or an island splash.

Summer's Eve / Via

7. Or an island escape.

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8. Or a delicate blossom.

Summer's Eve / Via

9. Or a white blossom.

10. Or a soft petal.

Equate / Via

11. Or a delicious and exotic kiwi.

FDS / Via

12. Or sweet romance!

Summer's Eve / Via

13. Or, of course, whatever "fresh scent" means.

Summer's Eve

In conclusion:


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