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28 Unexpectedly Awesome Things To Do In Seattle

Seattle is a melting pot of culture, rain, and coffee.

1. See a majestic sunrise at Smith Tower.

2. Feast on corn dogs and strong drinks at Unicorn Bar.

3. Have coffee like a true Seattleite at Cafe Allegro.

4. Brunch like there's no tomorrow at the Portage Bay Cafe.

5. Become one with nature at The Seattle Arboretum.

6. Set sail (for free!) at The Center For Wooden Boats.

7. Pair frites with frosty brews at Brouwer's Café.

8. Party like you’re from The 206 at Rock Box.

9. Eat organic at Local 360.

10. Have an outdoor adventure at Discovery Park.

11. Rent a canoe at The WAC.

12. Enjoy a taste of Asia at Uwajimaya.

13. Class up your night at Needle & Thread.

14. Pull up to Dick's Drive-In.

15. Travel to Europe at Shultzy’s German bar.

16. Experience Vietnamese culture at Green Leaf.

17. Play tourist on the water taxi to West Seattle.

18. Give into your sweet tooth at Molly Moon's.

19. Hide away at the Knee High Stocking Club.

Behind the barely-marked door, you'll find a well-stocked bar, inventive craft cocktails, and a vibe that's a welcome throwback to the '20s.

20. Go pet and hipster-watching at Greenlake.

21. Grab a hot dog after a night out.

22. Plan a date on Capitol Hill.

23. Get spooked in Pioneer Square.

24. Escape to Vashon Island.

25. Hitch a ride on The SLUT*.

26. Take a trip to Myrtle Edwards Park.

27. Root for the home team.

28. Head to The Hill for a phenomenal photo op.

Adult admission for the observation deck at the Smith Tower is $7.50. We incorrectly said it was free in a previous version of this post, but we still think the view is worth it!