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    "Wonder Woman" Is Affecting Cable Options

    Charter/Spectrum told BuzzFeed News they added a "Women of Action" section to their On Demand offerings because of Diana, princess of Themyscira.

    As you know by now, Wonder Woman is a massive box office success.

    Warner Bros.

    And perhaps you've also recently turned on your television and noticed an On Demand movies section called ~Women of Action~.

    Paramount Pictures

    Through Spectrum, you can rent or purchase — among more popular titles — the 2005 box office flop Aeon Flux (pictured), the 2006 box office flop Ultraviolet, the 2004 box office flop Catwoman, and the 2009 animated film Wonder Woman, which went straight to DVD. Good god, the '00s were a tough time to be a lady hero.

    Spectrum put together this little offering of movies to bank on the notion that viewers would want to watch more action movies about women, a spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

    They didn't answer follow-up questions about how the films were selected or whether Women in Action debuted before or after Wonder Woman was released and became a runaway box office success on the weekend it debuted.

    Intriguingly, Verizon Fios has its own "Girl Power" section featuring the recently re-released animated Wonder Woman. However, a spokesperson for that company denied its offering had anything to do with the 2017 Patty Jenkins feature.


    Their section pairs a cartoon about teen girl heroes with the blood orgy known as Kill Bill. (Only Kill Bill: Volume 2 is pictured here, but volume 1 is also available.)

    What we've really learned is that we need more lady action hero movies, because there's a sad dearth of them — despite the fact there's clearly an audience for more!!!

    Warner Bros.


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