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    6 Letters That Will Change The Way You Think About Ernest Hemingway

    Letters of Ernest Hemingway shows the writer wasn't all bullfighting and bravado — as Gertrude Stein knew, he was also a terrific pen pal. Here are some of his more surprising confessions.

    1. Ernest Hemingway was insecure about his career — bullfighting gave him the validation he wasn't getting as a writer!

    2. You know him as a masculine bullfighter type, but he could be a real passive-aggressive asshole.

    3. Hemingway loved some good Chinese food, and he got super stressed at work.

    4. Hemingway (at far right) asked his mom and dad not to embarrass him. Plus, they called him Ernie!

    5. Hemingway tried to psychoanalyze his toddler son (below, center). He also acknowledged that Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas changed the way he wrote.

    6. Shortly after they'd met, Hemingway went to Lyon with F. Scott Fitzgerald to pick up the Fitzgeralds' abandoned car. Hemingway kept Zelda Fitzgerald in the loop.

    The book, with letters from 1923-1925, comes out Oct. 22.

    The Letters of Ernest Hemingway (in the USA) © 2013 The Ernest Hemingway Foundation and Society and The Hemingway Foreign Rights Trust. Reprinted with the permission of Cambridge University Press.