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    14 Cats From The 1800s Having A Way Worse Day Than You

    These cats aren't feline so good.

    1. "What," whispers this cat, in blind horror.

    2. "Rats wear clothes?" thinks this cat, suddenly losing her appetite to disappointment.

    Jacob Feigel / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

    3. "Who would use a cat's unhappiness to sell jewelry?" hisses this cat.

    J. P. Tuckerman / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

    4. "HELP!" says this cat being swung around by someone with a giant eye.

    http://G.M. Hayes / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

    5. "Why can't I read like the other cats?" mewls this cat, crying in the corner.

    6. "Why does that boy have a knife?" wonders this cat who's about to become stew.

    7. "I don't even know how to play cello," this cat muses, throat constricted by an overly tight bow tie.

    Ballin & Liebler, Lith. / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

    8. "What is happening even?!" yelps this startled cat.

    Wm. S. Appleton / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

    9. "This spool of thread is terrifying," says this lion with his terrified eyes.

    Donaldson Brothers / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

    10. "Omg why am I in this shoe?" screams this cat silently.

    11. "We are cats, so I don't see why I have to do math," thinks this cat who is not as good at math as his brothers.

    12. "Why are you using imagery of bondage to express your love?" asks this cat, who is a proto-feminist.

    13. "This doesn't seem very prudent," whispers this cat into his less-prudent friend's ear.

    Auchincloss & Bro. / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

    Definitely worried:

    Actually kinda chillin':

    14. "What were we thinking?" thinks everyone in this scenario.

    This cat is clearly full of regret.


    All images from the Boston Public Library's incredible Flickr account.

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