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    Appreciate Me And Help

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    neflix - excuse me i love you

    Soooooo 1. I need ur help 2. I'm bored If u like 1. here's the story : so my nice friend gather around ur dear gramma (me) and let's talk Sooo I'm an ungraduated human being thinking of what I will pursue in life and everytime my annoying teacher says "hEy KiDs WhAt Do U wAnT tO bE?" I'm like "idk" but I'm shy and boring so I won't tell em deh truth AhEm 👉👈 "A singer :')" SO why am I embarassed u ask 👀 In my family older adults laugh at u and treat it like a joke ._. YES at 3 yo I was taunted by MY family about wanting to pursue a carrer as a nurse ._. So ever since that day when my parents asked that question I would say A sCiEnTiSt GOOD FOR ME ._. Well infact I do have other more realistic options I consider 1. a lawyer/judge 2. singer 3. singer 4. singer 5. singer and sO oN But I need YOU Do u belive I could, I can, I will, I will win? (not me) So help me today ._.

    1. So which career should I try pursuing

      So which career should I try pursuing

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    So which career should I try pursuing
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