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    This Is What Being An Exorcist Is Actually Like

    When it comes to evil spirits, Brother Carlos doesn't mess around.

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    Exorcisms are the casting out of evil spirits. From 0 CE to 200 CE, anyone could perform them, but in 250 CE only specific exorcists who were part of the clergy were allowed to do them.

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    Christians believed Jesus' followers could combat evil spirits possessing people via exorcisms in his name.

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    Today, only a select group of God's followers practice exorcisms, like Carlos Oliveira, known as "Brother Carlos." He says he does this because of a passion in his heart, and a calling from his God in heaven.


    "I'm probably the craziest exorcist out there cause I do stuff that the average ones don't. I go into situations that the average don't."

    Back in 1989, Brother Carlos experienced a horrific situation involving a possessed woman that led him to perform exorcisms.


    Brother Carlos was at a seminar in a church when a woman began punching him. He called for help and watched as his friends performed an exorcism on her before his eyes. He felt then and there he had a calling in his life to help people spiritually.

    When Brother Carlos meets someone in need of deliverance, like Laurie, he likes to conduct an investigation first.


    He wants to know what they're feeling, what happened, and when those problems were brought into their lives.

    Based on what the people say, Brother Carlos continues with follow-up questions to find out where the demons are residing and why they are there.


    In this case, Laurie revealed she had to denounce witchcraft after being introduced to black magic.

    Then it was time for Brother Carlos to confront the demons. He began by engaging in some serious eye contact because, as they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul.


    He summoned the demons by name (if he knows it) and demanded that they come to the surface so he can banish them once and for all.

    When the evil spirits exit the person, Brother Carlos says some people scream or fall to the floor, like Laurie did.


    That's when Brother Carlos knew he was in control, and had gained an upper hand. At this point, he says he knows exactly what to do to rid people of evil spirits.

    "I don't go by the book. I don't go by the rite of exorcism. I just get to the demons right away."


    Brother Carlos at times experiences resistance from the demons because sometimes they've been in that body for so long that they feel like they own it. Sometimes they even communicate with him in the third person!

    When Brother Carlos finally pulled the demons out, he restrained them by binding or handcuffing them to prevent them from ever coming back.


    There was also a whole lot of yelling.

    When the exorcism is over, people are relieved, like Laurie was. Brother Carlos said she may have been experiencing no pain for the first time in years!


    Now, Brother Carlos is quite aware that there are many skeptics out there when it comes to demons and exorcisms, but you can't argue with what someone is feeling.


    "it brought me joy to see Laurie feel better and feel relief."

    After the exorcism, Laurie said she felt at peace, and she felt free. She said she truly believed that Jesus had used Brother Carlos to set her free.


    Brother Carlos said, "I love helping as many people as I can, and I will continue doing this for as long as I live."