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This Anti-Gay FB Page Was Trolled With Pride Emojis So Hard That They Couldn't Deal

This christian FB page threatened to 'instantly ban' anyone that uses a 'rainbow emoji'. Naturally, thousands took them up on it.

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"Warriors for Christ" was upset with the celebration of pride month

The availability of the 'pride flag' reaction was irritating to this church. Because after all, they had to celebrate the love of god by telling happy people that they would burn in hell.

The original threat

When I took notice, it had reached 44,000 'pride' reactions

People took it as a personal challenge. After all, what better way to protest hate than by showing them that we stand in solidarity!

By the time they deleted the post, it had gained over 60,000 'pride' reactions

Despite the negative reaction, the WFC page deleted the original comment and replied with the following;

The page appears to be working night & day to remove the 'pride' reactions, and to proclaim 'god's love'

WFC has gone on a furious spree to share the message of 'god's love' setting us aflame; they believe that the fires of cleansing will rain down upon us. Obviously, they believe that the burning times should come again.

They haven't learned their lesson

There are more of us than there are of them. Homophobic , anti-gay, and anti-trans are all a remnant of past generations. Regardless of the anger and hate that we receive for our happiness, we will rise above.

And we will make these hypocrites who preach 'gods love' regret...

... that they ever chose to speak about their hate

Because in the end,

We will stand proud. Noone can ever make you feel bad for how you love if you don't allow them to! Never give in to the haters!

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