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8 Dosa - Sambar Combinations That Will Make You Want To Take A Trip To South India Right Now!

Are you one of those who can eat Dosa all day err'day? If yes, get hold of your foodie best friend and go dosa tasting. Or better; try these 8 delicious dosa and sambar combinations at home.

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1. Red Rice Dosa And Raw Mango Sambar

Jyothi Rajesh / Via, Archana's Kitchen / Via

Oh the colour of the Dosa itself is so tempting that you cannot stop salivating looking at it. Made with Red Rice and served with our favorite tangy flavoured Sambar, this combination is a must try if you cannot live without Dosas. Click here for the recipes - Red Rice Dosa Raw Mango Sambar

2. Ghee Masala Dosa And Ivy gourd & Brinjal Sambar

Archana Doshi / Via, Archana's Kitchen / Via

What is better than a delicious Ghee Masala Dosa for your breakfast or lunch, or dinner? Light on stomach and tasty, this Dosa tastes great with Udupi Style Thondekayi And Badnekayi Sambar. Click here for the recipe - Ghee Masala Dosa and Udupi Style Thondekayi And Badnekayi Sambar

Nithya Anantham / Via, Divya Shivaraman / Via

Oh My God! The crispiness of the cut onions blended so perfectly well with the spiciness of Podi and tanginess of tomato, the well roasted Onion Tomato Podi Masala Dosa is a quick variation with a blast of flavours to your regular dosa. To add onto the taste serve the Murungakkai Sambar.

Click here to make this today!

Onion Tomato Podi Masala Dosa

Murungakkai Vendhaya Keerai Sambar

4. Crisp Ghee Roast Dosa And Chayote Squash Sambar

Archana's Kitchen / Via, Nithya Anantham / Via

You cannot miss the Classics, a Dosa famous in the South for breakfast when served with a finger licking good Sambar, makes for a perfect tiffin meal. Want to make it at home? Here is the recipe - Ghee Roast Dosa and Chow Chow Sambar

Padma Veeranki / Via, Donna George / Via

Made with Sprouts and Coriander the colour of the dosa itself is so inviting and when served along with the Kerala Style Sambar, this makes for a treat to your taste buds. Click here to see the recipes - Mixed Sprouts Coriander Dosa and Kerala Style Varutharachu Sambar

Archana's Kitchen / Via, Archana's Kitchen / Via

Did you just say pillow soft dosa? The karnataka Style Set Dosa is a pillowy soft dosa made with rice and poha/aval usually served in sets of three in any restaurant in the South. Served along with the Udupi Style Mixed Vegetable Sambar. Here is where you can see how to make it - Karnataka Style Set Dosa and Udupi Style Mixed Vegetable Sambar

7. Onion Rava Dosa And Keerai Sambar

Divya Shivaraman / Via, Archana Doshi / Via

The mouth watering flavours of onions in the classic Rava dosa served along with the Keerai Sambar is a must try if you are trying to check out the various dosa off your bucket list. Click here for the recipes Onion Rava Dosa Keerai Sambar

8. Bele Dose And Andhra Style Mixed Vegetable Sambar

Archana's Kitchen / Via, Smitha Kalluraya / Via

Last but not the least, the dosa that you will see in any Darshani - the Bele Dose. You cannot miss trying this if you are on a dosa tasting spree. Have it with the Mukkala Pulusu and you are guaranteed to come back for more.

Click here for the recipes Bele Dose and Andhra Style Mixed Vegetable Sambar

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