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13 Signs You’re Definitely Dying Right Now

WE SWEAR it's hypercarefulness, not hypochondria. Stop googling symptoms, and instead use ARC InstaTemp™'s easy, non-touch thermometer to make sure you're not dead.

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3. You're pretty sure you might have a fever.

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We mean, your head feels a bit warm. Do thermometers go in your mouth, armpit, or...? Also, ewww, is it covered in sick germs from last time? Wait, are these the last thoughts you're going to have???

6. You let some rando friend of a friend have a sip of your drink.

And then you felt like you HAD to drink your drink to show him you don't think he's a festering germ hive (even though he looked pretty ebola-y, tbh) and you're definitely going to die.

Thankfully, the ARC InstaTemp™ non-touch thermometer gives you a stress-free way to lessen your TOTALLY LEGIT sickness stress.