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Trans Teen Jazz Jennings Is The New Clean & Clear Campaign Girl

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Meet Jazz, a really cool 14-year-old YouTuber and teen girl, who also happens to be transgender.

Jazz speaks openly about being trans on her YouTube channel, right alongside DIY videos and really sweet vlogs.

"Some people say I was too young to transition. ... I knew who I was from an early age and you can't tell me who I am. Because you don't know what's going on in my head, or how I feel, and you can't define me. I define me." —From her amazing Q&A video, here.

Besides being a super successful vlogger, she's also a published author, NBD.

She's also a LGBT activist, because time management is not an issue for a modern-day superhero.

Jazz does so much for the trans movement and teen girls everywhere who want to be who they really are — so it's really cool that she's now the star of the latest Clean & Clear Campaign, called #SeetheRealMe.

Her campaign video talks about her life and the transphobia (and acceptance) that she's dealt with.

The fact Clean & Clear chose Jazz to be their spokesperson for natural beauty is a huge step forward for trans teen visibility.

They also encourage you to participate in the campaign via social media using the hashtag #SeetheRealMe.

Within days of the campaign launching, it's also been announced that she's going to have her own TLC reality show called All That Jazz.

Congratulations, Jazz! We see you, and you're beautiful.