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This Is What It Takes To Get A Woman Ready For The Oscars

According to their incredibly, ridiculously talented beauty teams.

This is the aftermath of doing the makeup for Felicity Jones, according to her makeup artist, Dior's Sabrina Bedrani.

Hair and makeup: 3 1/2 hours. Hi, Felicia.

Margot Robbie's makeup artist Tyron Machhausen, sitting gleefully amongst his weapons of beauty.

The result of his work: F L A W L E S S N E S S.

And Marion Cotillard isn't afraid to show that it takes a village to get her out the door.

To get that sleek, rolled updo, her hairstylist Robert Vetica used this arsenal.

It was 100% worth the effort — just look at her.

Nick Barose, aka the makeup artist of our goddess queen gift from all the Gods, Lupita Nyong'o, shared this picture of his kit.

6,000 pearls on her dress, 100000000000000 levels of beauty in general.

Rosamund Pike's hairstylist for the night, Kylee Heath, used all of this to get that effortless updo happening.

An undercut updo at the Oscars! Work, Gone Girl.

Elaine Offers, the artist for Julianne Moore, used almost exclusively drugstore products from L'Oreal. Budget beauty for Hollywood glamor!

I like to imagine that she's visualizing the piles of money her makeup for the night did not cost. Large piles of money. So much of it.

It takes a village to make a Hollywood celeb look so gorgeous.