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    9 Things That Look Like Buttplugs That Are Not Actually Buttplugs

    Curling wand or butt plug? Depends on the day, am I right?

    1. These chocolates.

    2. Bubble curling wand, or electric butt plug?

    3. These lipstick sculptures by Livia Marin.

    4. The gigantic butt plug masquerading as a Christmas tree in Paris.

    5. Paul McCarthy really loves butt plug art, man.

    6. This gnome also appreciates butt plugs. I think it's actually supposed to be a hat, but we know the truth.

    7. Ancient Roman perfume bottles also happen to look like Ancient Roman sex toys.

    8. Another "perfume bottle" for your consideration.

    9. Last butt not least, a plug that is also a butt.

    Jennifer Lawrence has likely purchased every one of these items by now. Right behind you, JLaw.