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    17 Reasons MUJI Will Make You More Prepared For Life's Struggles

    It's like IKEA, but if you were from the future.

    1. Your pens are art in themelves, forcing you to finally get to writing that best-selling novel or just like, your homework.

    2. They have legos for adults.

    3. STAMPS!!!

    4. The tableware will make every meal you make look like you won Master Chef.

    5. The dessert game is both beautiful and delicious.

    6. So many storage options!!! Now you will be a modernist hoarder. All your junk becomes art.

    7. You will finally have room for all your lipstick.

    8. Travel sized containers have never looked so beautiful.

    9. Actually, all their skincare will transform skin -- especially sensitive skin.

    10. MUJI cotton pads also happen feel like God is caressing your face.

    11. You will have a place to store your sunglasses other than the bottom of your bag.

    12. The furniture is affordable and beautiful....and less people will recognize it.

    13. The bathroom radio is so beautiful, singing along to it will transform into performance art.

    14. The MUJI diffuser will de-stress you even from the most intense of meltdowns.

    15. You will never forget your raincoat at home because the MUJI one is just. so. pretty.

    16. They have touchscreen gloves, so now more freezing your fingers off in the cold to send an emoji.

    17. The shrink wrapped (and eco-conscious) t-shirts make travel-packing the easiest thing EVER.

    Thumbnail photo from Flickr user spacelion.