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You Need To Shop From These 18 Indian Queer-Owned Small Businesses On Instagram, Like, Right Now

Products as diverse and vibrant as the people who create them! 🌈

While Pride Month ushers in an incredible amount of queer joy, it also drags along a plethora of corporations with their Pride-themed merchandise that, unfortunately, make no difference to the lives of the people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Ergo, here’s a guide to some small businesses owned by people from the queer community that you can shop from and help make an actual difference. This list is, however, by no means, exhaustive, and we urge you to continue lending your support to your local queer-owned businesses, all year round! 🌈

1. AaRa Jewellery and more | @_aara_jewellery

2. Anjali Raj 🏳️‍🌈 Illustrator | @thecolourmaniac

3. Omaira Handcrafts | @omairahandcraftsindia

4. Podi Nan Maga | @podinanmaga

5. Lisa🌈 | @tinieknits

6. SunflowerFields by Sid˚✧₊⁺˳✧༚ | @__sunflowerfields__

7. Transmutation Soap Studio | @transmutation.soap.studio

8. THRFT | @thrft_store_

9. Ria | @illustratorinator

10. Pratheeksha Yenadka | @pattis_gallery

11. Monjira | @the.procrastipainter

12. Eeyerta | @_eeyerta

13. Stick n Poke Tattoos by Aaradhya | @pokesbyrebel

14. Radz (she/her)🌈 | @radhika.nighoskar

15. Jewellery | Home Decor | Gifts | quire.studio

16. EMBARQUE | @embarque.co

17. Nature Masons | @thenaturemasons

18. addy | @adrija_starling

What are some of your favourite queer-owned small businesses? Share below so that we can show them some love in a future post!