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    18 Awesome Pins For Everyone Who Fucking Loves To Swear

    Wear your emotions on your fucking lapel.

    1. A pin for when you've had enough.

    2. This pin, to remind everyone where you belong.

    3. A pin to remember when you did.

    4. A pin for your face.

    5. A pin that is all sorts of win.

    6. A pin for when you have zero.

    7. A pin for all your shitty puns.

    8. A pin to shut out the world.

    9. A pin that lets everyone know you'll see them next Tuesday.

    10. This pin, when you need to collect what's yours.

    11. This pin, for when forever isn't long enough.

    12. A pin that dumps the real truth.

    13. A pin that let's you yippee ki-yay.

    14. A pin that expresses your deepest sentiments.

    15. A pin to share with your BFF.

    16. A pin for when you've had enough of it.

    17. This pin to show off your school spirit.

    18. And a pin for when everything is fucking fine.