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These Are The 15 Artists You Have To See At Coachella


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Interscope Records

Taylor Swift–approved but so much more. This literal earth angel will bring the heavens down in the form of infectious pop music reminiscent of good ol' '70s pop/rock.

Essential track: "American Money"


4. Cloves

Whiteboard PR

For when you need a cool down after all the heat, head on over to the Australian singer's set for beautifully melancholy tunes that you can sway aggressively to.

Essential track: "Frail Love"


11. Shamir

XL Recordings

You'll be able to just feel the attitude from the 21-year-old singer no matter where you are in the festival, so might as well experience it first hand.

Essential track: "On The Regular"

14. Years & Years

Andrew Whitton / Via Facebook: YearsAndYears

The British synth-pop group has been making a name for themselves for their work with the LGBT community, and on top of that their songs are catchy as hell.

Essential track: "Ties"


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