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The New Chainsmokers Song Will Bring You Inner Peace

Inhale, exhale, play "The One," repeat.

Life in 2017 has been hectic. But The Chainsmokers just released a new song, "The One," and it's really bringing the chill we all need RN.

What our inner emotional landscapes look like in 2017:

What our inner landscapes look like when Emily Warren's silky vocals and the opening piano chords start on "The One":

An accurate representation of our collective stress levels:

An accurate representation of the overall chillness of "The One":

What it feels like when you scroll through your social feeds:

How it feels when you scroll through your social feeds while listening to "The One":

Mentally preparing for a night out got you like:

Starting a low-key night out by playing "The One" got you like:

What listening to music in 2017 looks like:

What it looks like when you listen to "The One":

Check out The Chainsmokers' new song "The One" here and achieve your inner peace.