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11 Times Vince Staples Proved He's The Most Woke Rapper Alive

Please grab a Sprite.

1. On the Vince Staples brand:

If you do not appreciate the Vince Staples brand of music I strongly urge you to not listen. We will be fine I promise.

2. On 2017:

"It's 2017. If you don't get a smartphone and a low-emissions car, then shut the fuck up. We not doing that no more. Y'all stay out of trouble. Y'all stay beautiful. Y'all stay blessed." —From this interview.

3. On money:

"I know that money come and go, so money not my motive no mo' /

I made enough to know I'll never make enough for my soul" —"Smile"

4. On hip-hop:

"The music is made to get people thinking. Everybody will kill for something. And something means the world to everybody. People kill for anything these days." – From this excerpt.

5. On knowing things:

"I know I'm not perfect / I know that everybody ain't / But if it's one thing I know that I know, I know nothing at all" —"Lemme Know"

6. On history:

"We live for they amusement like they view us from behind the glass / No matter what we grow into, we never gonna escape our past / So in this cage they made for me, exactly where you find me at / Whether it's my time to leave or not, I never turn my back" —"Like It Is"

7. On home:

"I left the street where I've grown / To chase the yellow brick road / I heard they paved it with gold I turned around and seen they pissed on it / Just like me / But that's alright because my soul burning please set me free" —"Smile"

8. On classic movies:

Somebody put me in touch with the director. I need to find out if Jenny passed onto Forrest the HIV virus for closure purposes.

9. On identity:

"My teachers told me we was slaves / My mama told me we was kings / I don't know who to listen to / I guess we somewhere in between" —"Summertime"

10. On the next generation:

"More black kids killed from a pill than the Feds in the projects / In the Planned Parenthood playin' God with ya mom's check, you ain't even been to prom yet" —"Surf"

11. More on today's youth:

S/o to all the young ones thuggin with the flu cause I feel Nazy and I'm a old man idk how you do it. #respect

If you're still thirsty for some more truth, check out the rest of Vince Staples' music here.