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Here’s A Festival You Can Go To Without Leaving Your Home

You don't even need a wristband for this one. Now you can watch all of Apple Music Festival 10 here.

OMG music! You love it.

But maybe seeing it live just isn't your beat.

When it comes to being crammed into a small, dark space with hundreds of other swaying and screaming humans, you're like, "Nah."

And though they are beautiful, the light shows kinda give you a headache.

It's OK though because thanks to the ~magic~ of the internet, you can watch all your favorite Apple Music Festival 10 artists LIVE from the comfort of your home.

That means you can see Alicia Keys without even touching your car keys.

You can see Elton John without getting your feet trampled on by a "Tiny Dancer."

And you won't have to get into a parking mishap to see him do a duet with Parker Millsap.

It's not too late to apologize — you can still "Stop and Stare" at One Republic.

The "Blessings" will keep falling on your lap when you see Chance the Rapper take the stage.

So kick back and relax on your couch as you listen to "The Sound" of The 1975.

Don't be afraid to pour yourself a drink and get a little "Tilted" as you vibe out to Christine and the Queens.

Sure, you're wearing the same shirt as yesterday, but nobody's around to judge "you, oh, oh, you" as Calvin Harris spins your favorite bangers.

And at least you'll have tissues handy for when you start to cry as Britney slays you and all you hold holy.

All images courtesy of Apple Music.

To see all of these artists and more, watch all of Apple Music Festival 10 here.

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