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12 Reasons To Relive T. Swift's "1989" Tour As Many Times As Possible

Don't lie — it was the best night of your life.

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1. Because the building of this stage was like the raising of a beautiful Roman structure:

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Is it starting to come back? That excitement you had right before the show started.

2. You'll never forget being surrounded by 70,000+ other people feeling all the same feels as you.

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3. And that moment when the lights went out, but it didn't matter because you were all wearing the same glowing bracelets.

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The same glow bracelets that saved lives.

4. Taylor showed up and was on point AND perfect.

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5. That overwhelming feeling of hearing the first note of your favorite song and instantly screaming.

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6. Remember this girl, screaming? You were this girl, and it felt great.

7. The group-mind that took over when you all started waving your arms in unison...together...with Tay.

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8. You could feel how much she loved you, and all 70,000+ of you were totally in love right back.

9. And right when you thought she gave you everything she had...

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10. ...she invited her brilliant singer friends on stage to join her and give you even more.

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11. At which point you screamed again. Remember how much MORE you screamed when they came out?

12. You left that stadium feeling more empowered and fierce than ever.

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You also didn't have a voice because you knew all the songs and sang along to

Taylor Swift: The 1989 World Tour LIVE is now exclusively available on Apple Music.

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Bad days no longer exist for you because you can relive this concert WHENEVER YOU WANT now.